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Sometimes Pancham needs help.

Pancham had a big day too.

I had a big day.



Let me explain why this is really important:  Because it takes a lesson every other show teaches you and corrects it.

Most shows will say “Be yourself!  Then girls will love you for you and you will have so many girlfriends!  So many!”

It’s another disappointing message to young boys that teaches them they are entitled to women.  That “hey just be you and you get girls, neat!”

Tino’s mom takes the time to say “No, be yourself because yourself is who you should be.  It won’t necessarily get you girls, some of them still won’t be interested but the most important thing is you like yourself.”

That’s a great message and if he follows through with it, it is likely to make him far more interesting as a romantic partner.


Also I wanna add.

Be yourself, because if you DO meet someone that likes you, you want them to like you for YOU. 

And what is said above is also important.  For girls and guys and nonbinaries of all persuasions.

Here is some NY I’ve picked up?

Boney M - Rasputin
115,193 plays


rasputin // boney m

russia’s greatest love machine
and so they shot him til he was dead

Saving for later

I’d like you to meet my faceless girlfriend


Sailor Moon ya feel

idk a ton about dubstep or sailor moon or chiptune and yet here we are

it was fun!

To celebrate Sailor Moon's comeback

Save for friday


I’ve said this to my non-techie friends countless times. It’s no secret that being able to code makes you a better job applicant, and a better entrepreneur. Hell, one techie taught a homeless man to code and now that man is making his first mobile application.

Learning to code…

Save for later